We would love to have your event here at Funland! We offer a great party package at 60% off the regular price with tons of features included! Want to customize your party? No problem! We have a variety of additions you can choose from to maximize your party experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I go when I arrive?

Approach any of our Funland staff and we will open access to the second-floor party room. The entry door is in the northeast corner of Funland (the same door as the Laser Tag entrance). We will direct your guests there as well when they arrive.

How early can I show up?

You can contact Funland to get approval ahead of time to show up 5 to 10 minutes early if you prefer. The Funland Party Hosts clean and prep the room between parties, so the room will not be available any earlier. The Funland Party Host will have all party package decorations and additions setup in time for your event.

Can I bring more than ten guests?

Yes! Additional guests cost $9.95 per person, which includes them for a game of laser tag, as well as give them Bounce Back Passes so they can return on another day for free to play laser tag. If your additional guests do not want to play laser tag, there is no additional charge.

Can I bring my own decorations or items?

Yes, but please do not bring silly string, hit piñatas, or alcohol.

What does the Funland Party Host do?

A Funland Party Host assists you with every step of your party! Handing out additional plates, utensils, drinks, place settings, lighting of the birthday candles, serving the party cake, refereeing laser tag sessions, and assisting with any needs you may have during your two-hour party block. If you would prefer to do more yourself at the party instead of the Funland Party Host, just let them know.

Can I add items onto my party the day of?

Yes! The only item we cannot add last-minute are pizza and piñata orders. We require at least a day’s notice for pizza orders or pizza order changes.

Do you accept credit/debit card or cash for parties?

We accept both! We do not accept checks though.

Can I tip the Funland Party Host?

Yes! If you feel your Funland Party Host has done a stellar job hosting your event, you can always let them know with a cash tip.

How many people can attend a party?

We have 20 seats in the party room with some additional standing room. There isn’t a limit, however we suggest keeping to 20 people or under.

Can I prepay for my party?

Yes, you can prepay over the phone with a credit or debit card, or you can prepay in person.

Can I schedule a party for tomorrow?

Yes, but pizza or piñata additions may not be available for a last-minute party. Please call us at (360) 642-2223 to book your party, instead of booking it on our website, to ensure we can make emergency accommodations for you.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?