Frequently Asked Questions

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When do Laser Tag games start?

Anytime, if we have a minimum signup of two people for a game.

How long are the games?

1 Game has 2 rounds and costs $9.95 per person. 2 Games have 4 rounds and costs $14.95 per person. Each round lasts 6 minutes. Each game can take up to 25 minutes, which includes the rounds and the safety introduction video and fitting laser tag vests on the players.

What types of games do you have?

You can play a Free-For-All game where everyone is on their own, or you can play as Teams. Groups can split into two, three, or four teams and are assigned a specific color (red, green, yellow, or blue). Game types can be changed every game (every two rounds).

How tall do you have to be to play?

There is no height limit or age limit to play. Keep in mind the vests are meant for adults, so it can be heavy for small children to carry and maneuver.

Where is the Laser Tag arena located?

On the second floor. Access is located in the northeast corner of Funland at the colored archway.

Can we have a private Laser Tag game?

No, unless your group is 22 people, which is the number of available vests we carry.

Can I play if I have a medical condition?

Certain conditions are advised to exercise caution, such as: epileptic seizures, pregnancy, asthma, heart problems, back problems, joint dislocation, pregnancy, or a preexisting condition that may be aggravated with gameplay.

Can parents watch while our kids play laser tag?

No. There is no laser tag arena viewing area at this time. Anyone not signed up for laser tag cannot be in the laser tag vesting area or arena for safety purposes.